Wake Up Part 1 – Leprosy In America

Leprosy is a disease of numbness. It numbs the skin so the nerves are no longer capable of feeling anything.

I don’t typically equate America with lepers because I’ve never personally met anyone with leprosy. Or have I?

In Shane Claiborne’s book The Irresistible Revolution he says, “It occurred to me that I was returning to a land of lepers, a land of people who had forgotten how to feel, to laugh, to cry, a land haunted by numbness.”

When we look at it that way, America is a land of lepers. Although it’s other people in other places who have physical leprosy, we are the ones infected with mental, emotional, and spiritual leprosy. We are numb. Can we learn to feel again?

Come back tomorrow for Part 2!


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