I’ve always wondered if I should consider myself an artist. I’m a musician, and music is a form of art, but I don’t particularly feel like an artist when I play music. I’ve heard people profess that everyone is an artist, but I’ve been skeptical of that claim. I’m hopeless at drawing, painting, sculpting, carving, and essentially any other common art skill. Give me pastels and I’ll give you a blank look. It’s just not my thing.

Recently, however, I may have discovered something that is my thing. Words. I love to mess around with them and pour my creative energy into them. I use words to create compositions in the same way my brother uses lines and shapes to create drawings. This has led me to wonder, “Is it possible to be a word artist?” Maybe I am an artist after all. An amateur, but an artist nonetheless. And even more importantly, maybe everyone else is an artist too. I know we all have a creative spark, and maybe it’s just a matter of finding the right medium…



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