God has given me a voice. Not a voice for a voice’s sake, but a voice with a purpose. He’s given me a powerful voice, a strong voice. As I sit here without my physical voice, I realize just how much of a gift my voice is. I also begin to understand what it is to be voiceless.

If you cannot speak, how can you even articulate your basic needs? The voiceless are exploited because they cannot speak for themselves. Other people control what happens to them. Oftentimes the people in control display the nasty side of human nature. They use their power for selfish gain. If I have both a voice and the power of Christ within me, why am I not using it?

He has given me a voice. He wants me to employ it. Proverbs 31:8-9 says, “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.” Am I doing that? Am I singing, writing, and speaking life and truth into hopeless situations and broken people? Or am I letting my voice crack from underuse?

It is humbling to lose my voice. When I can’t sing at worship night, I feel like I need to explain why I’m not singing. My pride is at stake. My voice, however, is not mine. It’s a gift. I have done nothing to deserve it. I can’t earn God’s gifts. But if I want to discover my purpose in this world, I must use God’s gifts. I would never unwrap a birthday present, and immediately put it in the back of my closet. So why do I do that with God’s gifts? It’s time for me to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves! I am ready to explore God’s dream for my voice!

He Will Fulfill His Purpose


She Gathers Beauty

She gathers beauty.


Her home is spotless, and creatively decorated for the season. Her appearance is stylish, and always fashionably put together. Her flowers are glorious, and well-deserving of every compliment they receive.

She creates delicious food.


From chicken and dumplings to cherry berries on a cloud, pumpkin scones to beef broccoli stir fry, quiche to cinnamon rolls, her culinary creations are heavenly! Even as she has been forced to change her diet, she still manages to make tasty gluten free, low sugar dishes. She also grows food. Whether it’s farm fresh eggs from the chicken coop, or juicy strawberries from the garden, she always has something homegrown to add to the table.

She teaches her children.


Because of her instruction, her children know how to do laundry, They know how to make healthy choices. They know how to have good table manners, and know how to behave in formal social situations. She has raised them well.

She loves her husband.


Other women look to her as an example of a loving wife. She holds down the fort while her husband travels. She shows her love in word and deed. Her thoughtfulness knows no bounds.

She cares for her family.


Cooking and cleaning, photographing and driving, but most importantly, supporting and loving. Even when she is having health struggles and should be the one receiving care, she always attends to the needs of her family. She has more love to give than she realizes because her love runs deep.

She is strong.


Physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, she is a strong woman. Life is hard, but she’s a courageous fighter/ She just need to remember that she never fights alone, and that her strength comes from the one who holds the entire world in his hands.

She is my mom.

DSC_0013 2

I love her to the moon and back! I cannot wait to see how God uses her in this next season of life!

A Being In Progress

It’s amazing how one event can completely change your life. Moving to go to college is completely reshaping me. At my core I know who I am, and yet there’s so much more to me than I ever dreamed. I am a being in progress. Growing, learning, and yes, changing. Or maybe changing isn’t the right word. Becoming. I’m becoming who God created me to be.

One area I can tangibly see this transformation is in my outgoing nature, or lack thereof. I am an introvert. With all the recent hype about introverts, I’m realizing just how much I am one. I dislike the way our society tries to categorize people because humans are far more complex than any box you can try to put them in, but it is helpful to realize why I am the way I am. All of the circulating lists that depict introverts describe me to a T. I don’t like meeting new people, or being put in unknown situations. Talking on the phone scares me to death, and I would much rather give a speech to hundreds of people than have a conversation with a stranger. And yet, since arriving here, I can feel a shift in my personality.

Although there are still days when I willingly eat lunch all by myself, there are also days when I sit at a table full of random strangers. I’m learning how to have richer, less awkward conversations. I’m asking lots of questions, and discovering how to be a good listener. I’m meeting new people almost every day, and it’s hard, but oh so worth it.

I wouldn’t feel as comfortable as I do on campus if I hadn’t made a conscious effort to meet people. Instead of seeing strangers, everywhere I go I see friends. Every single person has a fascinating story, but I have to come out of my shell to hear it. We all come from such different places. Geographically we’re from Redmond and Boise, Alaska and Illinois, Turkey and Vietnam. Beyond just geography, we also come from so many different situations. Different families, schools, churches, and life experiences. It would be so easy to be intimidated by all our differences, but God is helping me see that people are worth it. Hearing people’s stories is worth overcoming my introverted tendencies.

Don’t hear me wrong – being an introvert is not a bad thing. God has uniquely gifted each and every one of us, and there are pros and cons to every personality. I know, however, that in some areas of my life I need to be more outgoing. I’m not trying to become an extrovert, I’m simply endeavoring to make the most of the rich new community where I’ve been planted. I’m catching a vision of what it looks like to shine my little light on the world, and it is good.