She Gathers Beauty

She gathers beauty.


Her home is spotless, and creatively decorated for the season. Her appearance is stylish, and always fashionably put together. Her flowers are glorious, and well-deserving of every compliment they receive.

She creates delicious food.


From chicken and dumplings to cherry berries on a cloud, pumpkin scones to beef broccoli stir fry, quiche to cinnamon rolls, her culinary creations are heavenly! Even as she has been forced to change her diet, she still manages to make tasty gluten free, low sugar dishes. She also grows food. Whether it’s farm fresh eggs from the chicken coop, or juicy strawberries from the garden, she always has something homegrown to add to the table.

She teaches her children.


Because of her instruction, her children know how to do laundry, They know how to make healthy choices. They know how to have good table manners, and know how to behave in formal social situations. She has raised them well.

She loves her husband.


Other women look to her as an example of a loving wife. She holds down the fort while her husband travels. She shows her love in word and deed. Her thoughtfulness knows no bounds.

She cares for her family.


Cooking and cleaning, photographing and driving, but most importantly, supporting and loving. Even when she is having health struggles and should be the one receiving care, she always attends to the needs of her family. She has more love to give than she realizes because her love runs deep.

She is strong.


Physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, she is a strong woman. Life is hard, but she’s a courageous fighter/ She just need to remember that she never fights alone, and that her strength comes from the one who holds the entire world in his hands.

She is my mom.

DSC_0013 2

I love her to the moon and back! I cannot wait to see how God uses her in this next season of life!


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