We all have those people in our lives who inspire us. One such person for me is my friend Haven. Haven and I were in band together in high school, and that’s where our friendship began. You, as my reader, are probably wondering why I would write an entire blog post about a girl most of you will never meet. Today, I am writing about Haven because I believe there is good in our world that needs to be highlighted. We need to tell stories of people who are living inspiring lives. Our culture loves to criticize people for what they’re doing wrong, so I am going to do the opposite. So without further ado, let me show you why Haven inspires me.

Haven is a fighter. Satan is always trying to harm people. He doesn’t want us to succeed. Every time he tries to knock Haven down, however, she comes up swinging. Just last night, someone broke into her car and stole her stuff, but I can tell you for a fact that while this will be a setback, she won’t let it stop her.


Haven is courageous. This year she is attending a culinary school hundreds of miles from home. She could’ve chosen to go to a local community college. That would’ve been the safe, easy option, but Haven knew what she wanted. Instead of staying in her comfort zone, she packed up her car and moved far away so she could pursue her passion.

Haven is passionate. She loves to cook. She has found something that makes her come alive, and she is pursuing it. She is throwing herself into her studies, and pushing herself to make her dream a reality.


Haven is determined. Moving away from home was not easy for her, but she knows it will be worth it. Even on the days when she wants nothing more than to give up and go home, she grits her teeth and pushes through.

So Haven, when you read this, I want you to know you inspire me! I greatly admire your perseverance and spunk! I love you, and I truly believe that you can accomplish ANYTHING you put your mind to!


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