What a Beautiful Mess

Stumbling, tumbling, up and down, round and round. Life feels exciting and significant, yet challenging and overwhelming. Our lives are full of crushing lows and soaring heights, and the past week has felt like an accelerated roller coaster of emotions. Friends with cancer and difficult pregnancies. Friends traveling the world and getting married. Struggling to understand the whys of foster care and adoption. Holding beautiful miracle babies, laughing at sassy toddlers, and watching kids grow up seemingly overnight. Missing my wonderful community at school. Camping and reconnecting with my church community at home. Hearing about wildfires, and plane crashes, and praying desperately for the restoration of this broken world. Looking at stars so gorgeous they take your breath away. Going to work instead of spending time with the people I love. Rocking out to 80s music with my brother in the kitchen. Having hard conversations with someone I care about deeply. Letting old worship songs wash over my weary soul. Worrying about the future. The still, small voice of God saying “Trust me.” What a beautiful mess! Hard as it is to feel the whole spectrum of emotions, I always try to remember that the juxtaposition of the good and the bad is important because

Stars in the Darkness

Let’s lean into whatever comes our way this day, knowing that no matter how hard life is right now, someday all things will be made right.


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