Hello faithful readers! Sorry about the lapse in posts lately. Between moving states and starting up classes again (life of a college kid) and dealing with some personal struggles, I’ve had a lot on my plate. But I’m back, this time with… poetry! I’m currently taking a writing poetry class, so between now and December, that’s pretty much what you can expect to see. Please excuse my amateur poetry writing skills. Hopefully my poems will improve as the semester progresses. So without further ado:


There is nothing like distance
to make you feel helpless.
376 miles to the north,
a judge is deciding the fate
of two precious children.

I pull open a wooden door
as heavy as my heart.

Sunlight trickles through the upper window,
beckoning me further into the silent chapel.
The splendor of the rare Oregon sunlight
wraps me in the comforting arms of my Savior.