Traveling Mercies

As I reflect on my physical journey from Spokane to Kathmandu, the phrase “traveling mercies” from an Anne Lamott book by that title keeps coming to mind. The travel portion of this adventure has been, per usual for international travel, anything but easy. There’s been lots of physical discomfort and sleep deprivation, and there was even one exhausted meltdown, complete with tears. Worst of all, my teammate Kristal’s flight to Chicago was cancelled, so she journeyed to Nepal by herself a day later than us. We all agree she gets the rockstar traveller award!

However, despite the challenges, both those expected and those that caught me off guard, God has deeply lavished His grace on this journey. His traveling mercies abound! I’ve had two wonderful and long conversations with random strangers, I’ve FINALLY met my incredible team, all but one of our bags made it, and while I haven’t slept great, I have been able to catnap my way to Kathmandu! So Nepal, I’m here, and I’m ready to see your beauty, feel your pain, and hear your stories!


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