Whoops, I Went to India!

Since being in Nepal I have encountered many forms of brokenness. Two days ago we went to Birgunj which is a city on the open border between Nepal and India. An open border means that Nepali and Indians can cross back and forth freely between the two countries. As a result, it’s very easy to traffic girls from Nepal and India.

As we were traveling to Birgunj I just kept thinking “I’m riding on the very road that traffickers take girls on every single day. These cars around me could have girls in them that are being taken to a life of bondage.” It was a very heavy and overwhelming feeling.

When we got to Birgunj we were going to take our van to the physical border, but our driver was nowhere to be found. We decided to take rickshaws, never dreaming we were about to ride into a crazy adventure.

Our Nepali friend clearly told the rickshaws drivers to take us TO the border, but instead they took us OVER the border.

Emily and I were in the front rickshaw, and we had no idea what was going on. At the beginning of the ride I was a little nervous, but as we got closer to the border, my fear intensified. When we crossed the border, our team leader started yelling for us to stop, but none of us heard her until we were most definitely in India.

Our team leader and Nepali friend went into the customs office to sort out the situation. By this point I was so afraid that all I could do was laugh, and I turned to Emily and said “We just accidentally went to India.” Our team leader and Nepali friend saved the day, and thirty minutes later we were safely back in Nepal with a rediculous story to tell.

Beyond a simple story, however, God gifted me with a deeper understanding of His heart for girls who are trafficked. God used our experience at the border to give me His eyes. The border was chaotic and intense, and while there I felt the tiniest sliver of what girls who are trafficked might feel. I was in a place where I didn’t know the culture or speak the language, at the mercy of a strange man, (the rickshaw driver) unsure if it was good or bad that no one stopped us at the border, and without any proper documentation. The difference was that I had friends with me, and people who I trusted looking out for me.

As I realized these things, my heart began to break even more deeply for the girls being trafficked. The fact that so many of them come to that border with absolutely no one in the world who cares for their well being terrifies me. However, there is hope. There are Christians here on the ground in Nepal doing incredible work on behalf of the Kingdom! After going to the border, we got to meet the border monitoring staff, and their courage and determination inspired me.

Then yesterday we met a Nepali man who has been living in America, but comes back here every few years because his heart is for his people. He prayed for our team, and I was overcome with gratitude for people who are willingly pressing into the Lord’s work.

In all of this it’s hard to know what to do, but I do know that you and I can pray. Pray for the vulnerable women of Nepal. Pray that they will have people enter their life that truly care for them, mind body and soul. And pray for them to come to know that their true identity is as daughters of God. Pray for the Christians here who are living out their faith, despite opposition. And pray for all the people who are perpetuating trafficking. Pray that God would break them of their bondage, and show them that there is a better way to live.


2 thoughts on “Whoops, I Went to India!

  1. Kelly, I have loved reading each and everyone of your blog posts. Your heart, desire, and love for God is beautifully shown threw your shared experiences. What an amazing example you are for me as I soon leave for Thailand. So many exciting adventures are coming and so many seem to have already happen. I can’t wait to hear of all the crazy and inspiring stories to come. Much love you friend. Prayers your way

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