Story Short: Meet the Family

We all know that the first step in telling a good story is introducing the cast of characters.

So squad, meet the family!
IMG_1062We started as strangers, but ended as family. These eleven people were the Body of Christ to me with a depth I’ve never experienced before. Six weeks of laughing, exploring, praying, adventuring, crying, processing, serving, and loving with these incredible people has changed me forever. I’ve tasted and seen true community, and there’s no going back! I could write an entire book on the lessons I’ve learned from this team, but for now I’ll settle for introducing each of them to you.

Courtney Cox

Courtney has an inspiring heart for children, the nations, and the Gospel. A few of her many gifts include calling out greatness in individuals and pursuing unity on a team. Courtney thrives when she is with people, and her heart for them is evident both in the way she feels their joy and pain, and the way she makes them feel valued and loved.


Molly has a beautiful outlook on life. She is very good at taking an experience, and intentionally doing something with what she learned from that experience. She also has the inspiring ability to take a vision and turn it into a reality. Molly’s heart breaks for people, and she uses that brokenness to propel her into loving others with reckless abandon.


Chloe is the perfect mix of sweet and sassy. One minute she is making someone laugh, and the next she is giving her full attention to listening to them share from their heart. Chloe is wise beyond her years, and she has the inspiring ability to intentionally pour into whatever lucky person happens to be in front of her.


Anna approaches every aspect of life with passion and zeal. She never does anything halfway, and is always up for a new adventure. She has a very positive outlook on life because she sees Jesus in every person she encounters. Anna is known for praying with conviction, and striking up conversations with everyone she meets.


Kristal at first seems goofy and hilarious, but just below the surface lies an overflowing fount of wisdom. She is a deep thinker and internal processor, but when she allows someone into her thoughts, they walk away with a new perspective on life. Kristal is very good at loving people in specific ways that make them feel valued and cherished.

Courtney Caron

Courtney is a bundle of energy and fun who knows how to make people laugh. She is also a fantastic listener and great encourager, not to mention incredibly wise. Courtney is a lifelong learner who continually takes what she is experiencing back to God through Scripture and prayer, and pushes others to do the same.


Caroline speaks truth with passion, conviction, and joy. She has a huge heart for battered women that spills out in both overflowing love and righteous anger. She has the determination to do anything she sets her mind to and is great at making people laugh. Caroline is an incredible encourager, and a fierce lover.


Emily is the sweetest person you will ever meet, and has a heart of pure gold. She genuinely cares for the well-being of others, and is a fantastic listener. Emily also has a sense of determination and passion that spill over into every part of her life, and will propel her far in God’s good plan for her life.


Carly is our fearless leader. She absolutely exudes joy, and sets an incredible example of how to let God use brokenness for His glory. One of her gifts is making someone feel important, even in the midst of a crowd. Carly is very in tune with the Spirit, and truly allows God to lead every part of her life.


Austin is an intern for our organization (which I won’t name for security reasons) and although we call him the tagalong, he is truly a member of the family. He is an incredibly thoughtful person, who is constantly looking for ways to bless others. Austin has the heart of a humble servant, and is so good at loving someone in the midst of their brokenness.


Usha is a Nepali who works for our organization, but also became a member of the family. She is incredibly joyful, and can make people roll on the floor laughing. She has the beautiful ability to pour into people completely, whether they will be in her life long term or not. Usha has an inspiring heart for children and for fighting injustice.

So there you have it, my beautiful Nepali family. I love them dearly!11737918_10204894094768131_8247527262261800558_n
 And what would a family be without an awkward family picture?


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