Story Shorts: Nepal Edition

Hello Friends!

I sincerely apologize for my lack of communication these past few weeks. I hit a point where there was so much going on in my heart and mind that I couldn’t form thoughts that would make sense to others. So thank you for giving me grace in my silence! I have now returned from Nepal, and while I’m still very much in the readjustment stage, I have conquered jet lag! I am incredibly excited to share my experiences in Nepal with you, and while I am overwhelmed at the thought of sharing, it is the good kind of overwhelm that comes from being in awe of just how much God did during my time in Nepal.

To kick off the process of sharing about my trip I’m going to be doing something I’m calling Story Shorts. Each day for the next nine days I’ll be putting up a blog post that includes a few pictures and the stories they tell. My reason for this format is to be intentional in how I share. Instead of just making an album to dump my pictures on Facebook, or jumping right back into my normal style of blogging, I’m venturing outside of my neat little boxes to create a format that I hope will give you a richer glimpse of my experiences.

So ready or not, here we go…


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