Story Short: Love and Elephants

There are many moments from my time in Nepal that I want to preserve forever as snapshots in my memory. One such moment was an evening during our last ten days in Kathmandu when Molly, Emily, and I sat on Carly’s roof, admiring the sunset and talking about life. During this conversation, Molly shared a beautiful analogy about God’s love. It goes something like this:

In this life, we see ourselves as street children, dirty, broken, and in desperate need of love. And in our minds, God is a Good Samaritan who comes once a day to care for our physical needs. Somewhere around 3PM, God walks down our street to give us a meal, and make sure we have a toothbrush and some soap. But we always have this nagging fear that if we do something wrong, God won’t come. We believe that He serves us begrudgingly, and that He really only cares for us because it’s the right thing to do.
In reality, we ARE street children, filthy, wretched, and needing love more than we need breath. And God does come to us every day, but He’s so much more than just a Good Samaritan – He’s our Father! So every morning He runs down our street to scoop us up in a bear hug, grit and all. Then He feeds us the best food He has to offer, and gently cleans our wounds and sores. And no matter what we do, He will always be there, waiting for us when we wake up, ready to love us through whatever the day holds. The simple truth is that He loves us because He loves us because He loves us!

And while this isn’t a perfect analogy, it has completely reframed the way I think about God’s love for me. When you live your life from a place of knowing that your identity is the Beloved of God, it changes everything.

I firmly believe that God is constantly revealing His love to us, but we must have eyes to see it. Sometimes His love is sweet, and He reveals it through a teammate who lets you fall asleep on their shoulder. Other times it’s practical, and He reveals it through all of our bags arriving with us in Kathmandu. And on occasion, God’s love for us is wild, and He reveals it through a glorious weekend of playing with elephants!





Let’s live like we’re loved today!


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