Story Short: Treasure Hunt

Sunday July 5th, 12:00 PM

We’re sitting upstairs at Hotel Blue Heaven, finishing up our team devotional time, when Carly announces that we’re going to do a treasure hunt. Carly explains that we’ll be split into groups of three, and our only task for the next three hours is to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading. Since it’s lunchtime, we have the option of going to find lunch, or we can choose to fast. Before we leave the hotel, we are to spend at least thirty minutes in prayer, asking God to give us images, words, and other directions on how He wants us to use our time.

As soon as Carly finishes talking, I immediately think “my group is supposed to fast.” I get put into a group with Austin and Courtney Caron, and we go down to Courtney’s room to pray. On the way downstairs, I wrestle with God because I don’t want to be the one to tell my team we’re fasting, but when we get to Courtney’s room, I jump right in and tell them we’re supposed to fast. Courtney sighs and says, “as soon as Carly mentioned fasting, I just knew God was going to tell you to fast.” Talk about confirmation!

Courtney puts on some worship music, and we spend the next forty-five minutes praying individually, and then speaking out whatever God tells us. God gives us an extensive list of things to look for including: little boys fishing by the lake, woven bracelets, canoes, and a jewelry seller we had met a few days prior.

As I pray, I am looking out the hotel window and I can see a yellow building. Twenty minutes into our prayer time, God clearly tells me “go to the yellow building first.” I proceed to ask God what we should do at the yellow building, but He won’t answer.

11709431_3220417759221_3166244258785451986_n{the infamous yellow building – bottom right corner}

1:00 PM

We finish praying and head over to the yellow building. When we get there, Courtney and Austin look at me as if to say “now what?” In the bottom of the yellow building there are two little shops, but I don’t feel like that’s where we’re supposed to go. The woman in one of the shops sees the confusion on our faces and says, “there’s a cafe upstairs, but they don’t serve food, just drinks.” We look at each other and think, “we’re fasting and don’t need food, so why not go upstairs.” As we climb the spiral staircase, Austin prays for us to have confidence in whatever is about to happen.

We emerge into a neat hangout space  complete with pool tables, guitars, and two young Nepali guys. Austin says, “hey Courtney, why don’t you play the guitar?” She picks up the guitar and starts singing worship songs. Austin and I join in, and shortly thereafter the Nepali guys pick up instruments and jump right in. One guy plays a drum, and the other a mouth organ. We sing for a while, and then we strike up a conversation with our fellow musicians. We introduce ourselves, and discover that one of their names means light in Nepali and the other’s name means truth in Japanese!

3:00 PM

We realize it is already time for us to go back to our hotel! The past few hours have flown by as we discussed theology and truth with our new friends. You see, our new friends are Hindus, but they were very open to having an honest conversation about religion and faith. As I leave Babylon Cafe, I am filled with an overwhelming sense of joy! When we reach the bottom of the spiral staircase, I turn to Courtney and Austin and see that all three of us are beaming. Who knew that “go to the yellow building” would turn into such a wonderful afternoon!


Austin goes back to Babylon to give our new friends his copy of Mere Christianity, and play a few rounds of pool. They are very excited to read it, and love the fact that he came back to spend time with them.

Saturday July 11th, 2:00 PM

Right before we leave Pokhara, Courtney and I duck into Babylon one last time to see our friends. Only one of them is there, but we snap a few pictures and say our goodbyes.


{Isn’t his smile contagious?}



It was a joy to spend our treasure hunt at Babylon, and we definitely found gold! I truly believe that God is at work in our friends at Babylon, and who knows, maybe someday we’ll all get to sing together again in heaven!


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