Story Short: Joy

This final Story Short is going to be short and sweet, but first off I want to say thank you! Thank you for listening to me share about my experiences, and for engaging in what God is doing in Nepal.

Since being home I have been asked what surprised me about my trip, and one of my answers to that question is this: I was surprised by the deep joy I felt for the vast majority of my six week adventure.

I went into the experience expecting it to be good, but also expecting it to be hard. And it was. There was miscommunication and frustration, a morning spent puking, complete exhaustion, and a whole lot of spiritual warfare, to name a few of the trials I faced. However, through it all, I felt pure joy. And for that I can take no credit. It was 100% Jesus. Through my time spent in communion with Him, He enabled me to be joyful in most circumstances. (I’m haven’t quite reached the the point of joyful in all circumstances, but hopefully I’m heading in that direction).

I’ve always heard that joy is different from happiness in that it isn’t dependent on what is going on in your life, and on this trip, I experienced that on a deeper level than I ever have before. And that joy I felt in Nepal doesn’t have to stay there. If it transcends circumstances, it transcends location as well. So in new season that’s completely different from the one I just left, I’m committing to continually turning back to Jesus – the source of all joy!



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