Peace Home

I have a new blog post up on the Tiny Hands Blog! Also, I promise I won’t only be posting Tiny Hands posts to this site. At two weeks into the semester I’m still working to establish a routine, but I’m playing with lots of ideas for new blog posts, so stay tuned!

Peace Home

On our sixth and final Saturday in Nepal our team leader announced that we would be visiting Peace Home, the one Tiny Hands’ home in Kathmandu we had yet to see.

Normally, when our team visited a children’s home, we would spend the afternoon doing fun activities with the kids and seeing the work of Tiny Hands firsthand. Because we had already done multiple visits, I thought I could anticipate how the afternoon would unfold. We would introduce ourselves in English and in Nepali, and then play games like Dutch Blitz and Fire in the Mountain with the mainly elementary school aged kids.

Unbeknownst to me, God had a better plan.


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