River of Desire Part Two

Last night our rivers met

And the emotions flowing through me

Are as varied and as beautiful as the current of our river

All summer we’ve been heading to this point

And last night, on the dance floor

We finally came together

But here’s the funny thing

When our rivers joined, our problems didn’t float away

We’re still both broken human beings

And if anything

Our coming together created bigger rapids

It makes sense, you know

More water, more rapids

Two lives, more complications

But I wouldn’t trade it for the world

Because some struggles are worth the fight

And this is a risk I’m willing to take

So as I float down this river of desire

I’m excited, and I’m ready

Because no matter what’s around the bend

God knows what comes next

And I have someone who wants to float by my side


River of Desire

A raging current flows through me

It’s a river of desire

Desire to see him

Desire to be with him

Desire to really, fully, truly know him

Yes, the desire is driven by attraction

But the attraction isn’t purely physical

I love his smile

That plays a role

But it’s his personality that draws me in

Here’s the thing

I’ve felt this before

This current isn’t new

It’s been flowing for quite some time

First with one boy

Then with another

But never quite meeting his river of desire

It feels like I’m floating down this river

Never sure what’s around the bend

I know someday my river will meet his

But I am questioning


If our rivers join soon


But if our meeting place is still miles away


How do I come to grips with the uncertainty?

The waiting?

The unknown?

First, I need to take a deep breath

Then, I need to look around

The scenery is beautiful

Here and now

It’s lush and green

Full of life

If I always look ahead

I will never see the beauty that surrounds me

So until my someday

I’m going to enjoy the ride

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